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Kids in Preschool

At Sprout's Education, we believe that children are naturally drawn to learning. For this reason we rely heavily on the child-led principles of Maria Montessori. However, as I have worked in Montessori classrooms, I have also noticed that some children do benefit from a little more guidance than is usually provided to maximize their learning potential, especially with reading and writing. That is why we incorporate stations with activities personalized for each student each day, including one-on-one time with the teacher. 

Red Apples
Wendy Bean  

Wendy Bean is an elementary school teacher with a B.S. in Elementary Education from Brigham Young University. She has been working with alternative education for six years. 

She began working with home-school families with a twice a week, mixed age, 3rd-6th grade classroom. After, when her own two kids were very young, she founded a neighborhood preschool in Provo. A year later, she relocated to Washington state and began working at a Montessori school where she was trained to be a primary room teacher (3-6 year olds). Now back in Utah, she is excited to use her experience and techniques for you and your children.